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Trek through the Nevada desert on an unforgettable safari atop one of our majestic camels or our off-road Segways. Overlook the beautiful Virgin River and desert mesas on your ride, led by an experienced handler.


Camel Safari is delighted to introduce you to its diverse new animal experience! When you come to the farm, you can now meet Ambien, the two-toed sloth, and Zamboni, the Zebra, along with an African-crested porcupine, three and six-banded armadillos, a woolly opossum, emus, llamas, alpacas, goats, and mini pot-bellied pigs.

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Camel Safari celebrated its Grand Opening for the Las Vegas location on Friday, November 18th. Visitors were given free tours of the attractions available at the farm, and we’re provided with opportunities to meet the camel herd. Las Vegas TV news channel KSNV covered the Opening with a great news piece and an article that […]  [continue reading]

Camel Safari Vegas landed another feature news piece today, this time on KTNV Channel 13 Action News. “… [Clark] County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick says she’s excited for the new attraction in her district. She told us Camel Safari is part of an effort to bring outdoor activities to international tourists…” Watch the video┬áto see the […]  [continue reading]


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