Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I just drop by?

 A: Visits to Camel Safari are accessible only by making a reservation with us in advance on our homepage.

Q: Do we offer rides from Las Vegas?

A: We do not offer rides from Las Vegas at this time. We highly recommend renting a car for a day!

Q: What should I wear?

A: Close-toed shoes are best. Please check Bunkerville weather to dress your best. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat.

Q: Can we bring food and drinks?

A: Yes, please feel free to bring drinks to stay hydrated. We also offer free water. Please, NO glass and NO alcohol. You can bring food for your trip but most tours do not offer time to sit and eat. Please check out the resource page for cool places nearby to hang out.

Q: Can I bring food for the animals?

 A: Our animals adhere to a strict diet provided by our veterinarian and zookeeper team so NO outside food for animals is permitted.

Q: Can I take photos?

A: Yes, we encourage you to take photos and share them using #camelsafarivegas. We also love your awesome reviews on Google and Yelp. Thank you in advance.

Q: Will I get to touch the animals?

A: Contact is based on the animal and the handler’s discretion.

Q: Do camels spit?

A: They aren’t actually spitting, though—it’s more like throwing up! They bring up the contents of their stomach, along with saliva, and project it out. This is meant to surprise, distract, or bother whatever the camel feels is threatening it. You can tell if a camel is about to spit: its cheeks fill up and bulge.