Exotic Animals

Bactrian Camel

Area:  Northern Central Asia
Habitat:  Gobi and Taklamakan deserts
Food:  Vegetation
Size:   Weight over 2000 pounds

Dromedary Camel

Area:  Sahara Desert
Habitat:  Semi-arid to arid regions
Food:  Vegetation
Size:   Weight up to 1,400 pounds

Two Toed Sloth

Area:  Central and South American
Habitat:  Rain Forests
Food:  Vegetables, leafs and fruit
Size:    Weighs 17  pounds


Area:  Africa
Habitat:  Grass lands
Food:  Herbivore
Size:    Weighs 500lb – 700lbs

Woolly Opossum

Area:  South America
Habitat:   Subtropical forests and rainforests
Food:   omnivore, fruits, vegetables, nectar, small birds and reptiles
Size:    Under a pound

African Crested Porcupine

Area:  African
Habitat:  Desert
Food:  Fruit, vegetables and cultivated root crops
Size:    Weighs 22 and 66 pounds

Six - Banded Armadillo

Area:  South America, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia
Habitat:  Dry grassland and forest
Food:  Ants, termites, beetle larvae and plants
Size:    8 1/2 to 10 3/4 inches long


Area:  South America
Habitat:  Mountains
Food:  Vegetation
Size:   4 to 7 feet tall and weigh 121 to 143 lbs.


Area:  South America
Habitat:  Mountains, grasslands and deserts
Food:  Vegetation,  grass and ferns
Size:   4 to 7 feet tall and weigh 280 and 450 pounds