About Camel Safari

Camel Safari

Have you ever wanted to ride a camel, interact with armadillos, or see a sloth? With over 50 animals to meet, everyone can find their favorite at Camel Safari.

Our mission is conservation through education. We hope that by fostering close and personal encounters with our animals, we can inspire you to understand and support wildlife conservation. We are dedicated to keeping our animals as happy and healthy as possible.

Camel Safari recently relocated its headquarters from Bellingham, Washington to Mesquite, Nevada, approximately 75 minutes from downtown Las Vegas. The 176-acre farm is situated between the picturesque Virgin River and the vast mesas of the Great Basin, sporting spectacular views of the Virgin Mountains.

The owner, Guy, kissing his camel on the nose

The Owner

Guy Seeklus first became interested in camels in 2010, and not long afterward he had purchased his first female Bactrian camel, Lexi. He was instantly enchanted. He found them to be extremely easy to train, cooperative by nature, and incredibly comfortable with human interaction. Since then, he has obtained an additional 30 camels and has become passionate about offering an experience to the public that allows others to interact with these amazing animals.